Monday, February 7, 2011

Quiche and Dinner in a Pumpkin

I was looking at some pictures from stuff we cooked a while ago and figured it was high time we posted them. Don and I don't so much use recipes, so these may serve as inspiration more than a specific method and list of ingredients.

In a variation on the pot pie idea, I decided to make a quiche one night. It included cooked chopped onion, frozen spinach (which I somewhat thawed before cooking it), lots of eggs, some milk and cheese, and a few spices. I think there were one or two other vegetables involved. It was one meal where we didn't use any meat (which we try to do at least once in a while).

Another thing we made was a dinner in a pumpkin, where you scoop out the seeds/stringy inside, fill the pumpkin with a seemingly endless combination of fillings, and bake it. When you serve it, you scoop out some of the pumpkin side to serve with the filling. It's a very different sort of meal than I usually cook, so it was fun. We had tons of leftovers (the inside ran out way before the pumpkin did, so we froze the leftovers and have had occasional pumpkin meals for the last few months - this last week, I made pumpkin soup and a squash dip from the leftovers, and they were fantastic!) Anyway, from what I've gathered, you can put just about anything into your pumpkin - some recipes are tomato-based, others use creamy soups. Ours included bread chunks, ground beef and sausage, cream, onions, and spices. It was delicious.

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